Sunday, November 29, 2009
It's been a long time.
hey everyone.

first & foremost, let me reply to the tags...

to ggrace: what my brother's bagpack? HEH. i dont quite remember lehh! oh yeah, and of coz, my leg is better! :D can run alr.

to zhira: thanks i'm doing fine. i miss you loads too! when we meeting up eh?

to Josiah: yes dude, i'm in MDIS CURRENTLY.

to zhimin: here you go.

okayy, wanna know what's been going on in my life?

well, life in MDIS is definitely better than doing A lvls. HAHA. seriously!
i've been doing quite okay. and i thank GOD for HIS grace and providence for me. (:
and friends HE has put along side me and all. (:

other than tt, i'm just truly GROWING FAT! :(
tt part, i dont really like it. its like, i put on ALOT faster than i can lose. :( oh wells.
what to do? it's like it really takes a lot a lot of discipline!

i am also trying to save up money for a lot of things i want to get and do and stuff like that. HEH.
i'm not too sure why either, but i really am in a HUGE deficit now.

Today, i attended ben & chinyi's wedding. (: it was simply beautiful! now i know why i love weddings. its really a life time commitment and not just like for the moment thing. yepp.
& the best part was that i got to catch up with SAM & STEPH! :D it was really good! because, i realised that i really miss them a lot!

I think I should be sleeping soon but i just feel that there's so much on my mind. :(
I don't know how to put it across but i feel something is missing in my life.
Something in me has changed.
And whatever that change is, I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL. ://

oh wells, i REALLY REALLY was looking forward to the yr end trip, where i could really get away from all the hustle and bustle here in sg, away from the other things and ppl and all... but now tt i cant go, its really quite a big disappointment.

i've been wanting to do a retreat for like more than a yr now and still, i dont get to do it.
It's like there's no time (yeah, i know, time is for me to allocate and make...) but seriously, it's like a cycle of things! very hard to break! :(

i'm sure i could feel better.
Just needed a space to rant.

in HIS love.
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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


i'm back to blog. LOL!
through all my packing and all, i decided i should blog. :P

i'm finally moving. finally gone.
both mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.

okayy, i'm sad coz, i've lived in semb for like 8 yrs now.
and there's so much that happened here. in css for 4 yrs,
my friends, the time spent in semb park, in SP, SSC...
in shuyun's house... HAHA. and all the fun downstairs at our roof garden.
OH MAN! memories.

i think the ppl that misses me most are my sembawang friends...
they're like all REALLY sad that i'm moving.
and to somewhere so far some more! :(( i'm sorry.
i PROMISE i'll be back to visit okay?! my number's still the same! :D HAHA

but on the bright side, shifting over to PP is a good thing because
#1. i'll be nearer sch. in a way. (i hope i save a bit on travelling)
#2. food there is much cheaper.
#3. less temptations and distractions (because no shopping mall! HAHA)
#4. nearer to TOWN! (so much for no shopping mall! :P)
#5. nearer to CHURCH.
#6. nearer to SUS/MARCUS/JEM!
#7. easier for mummy to look after baby joel.
#8. semb house is too BIG.
and many other reasons i guess.

so yepp, i think... i gtg. TAKE CARE EVERYONE! :D

lots of love.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
WHOA, finally SHIFTED.

whoa, long story.
okayy, i had a very fruitful day today actuallY!
i slpt at like 2 plus..
and woke up at 9.55am.
and then had breakfast with grandma.
i spent quite some time with her today.
conversing with her in my broken hokkien plus mandarin. wasnt easy man! LOL.

anw, then had to go settle the boxes in the marsiling house.
wahh pianggg eh..
daddy and mummy do from 9.30am all the way til i came, we did all the way til 3am can?! finally cleared! -.-
threw away like more than 10boxes of things i think!
BAHHH. we're all SO SUPER tired!

1) AH EE JANET (9.30am-4pm)
2) UNCLE JIMMY (2.30pm-4pm)
3) VINCENT (4.45pm-11.45pm) poor best friend didnt even have dinner! he only had dinner at 12midnight!!!! ://
4) UNCLE KENG SENG (10pm-3am) but he only help carry boxes and talk. LOL!!! :P
5) GABRIEL (10.30 or 11pm-3am) poor thing too. so tired. SAEH alr by the time we went home.
6) ERIC (11pm-3am) he stil bring my parents out eat supper/"breakfast".

LOL!!! so all in all, we had all these SPECIAL ppl who swung by to help! ((:
if nt, i think jus 3 of us, we wud have done til we faint! HEH.

Vincent and i had hk cafe for dinner/supper.
but we kinda eat nt enuff. LOL.
shiok seh. :P

thank GOD that they close at 2am.

anw, above all, THANK GOD for giving us the strength to clear things.
for the people who came down.
and for knowing before hand, that i cudnt work this wk. so can help to clear things. ((:
and thru the process of packing, i found like $50 in total! HAHAHA! POWER EH? :P


thank YOU everyone!
we truly appreciate ur help!!! ((:

in HIS love.
CHARI ** ((:
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

hehe. how do u like my curls? (:
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heyyy!!! (((:

oooh!! how i really love shopping eh?
esp when u have the right ppl to shop with.
and someone to pay for u! ((: HAHAHA. :P
thanks sus!

and sorry guys!
made u guys waited so very long.
but i needed to SHOP! HEH.
yes yes.
i did buy stuff.
3 tops!
you'll see them in time to come! :P

tried a dress at ZARA!
quite nice.
but $159.
so didnt buy in the end.
i shopped from like 2 plus til like 7 plus..
with an in between hair cut which lasted quite long because of mummy's colouring. (:
but i think she looks good! ((:

and aunty melissa allowed me to try a few curls just for the fun of it!
and its really fun!
i love the curls!
i guess just unusual.
something different.

will consider making it permanent. HEH.
i've got photos to post too.
but kinda too many. OH WELLS! :P

i immediately called my 2 best friends over to show them my "DEALS" of the day!
and of coz my new hair do! HEH..
best friends are the best! :P
they just make u happy with their presence!
thanks for spending time with me! ((:
love u both very much! ((:

in HIS love.
CHARI ** ((:
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Thursday, April 30, 2009
my best friend for today is the toilet bowl...

my stomach is hurting like crazy.
i really shouldnt have gone out at all.

i went to play pool with gabby and daren.
and today it was so much better.
more used to the place and all.

i got to play properly despite my pain and all.
but by the time i reached home, i was in tremendous pain. ://
so far, i've vomited 2 times.
my lunch and dinner is all out.

i think i've spent enuff time with the toilet bowl.
like seriously.

i'm extremely sleepy.
i only slpt at 4am this morning.
was thinking abt many things.
and praying and all.
and writing down my thots and all.

so yepp, i'm finally feeling slightly better.

today, GOD sent ppl to come cheer me up and hear me out. ((:
i really thank GOD for nat, daren and gab. ((:
u guys made my day.
thank U! ((:

anw, pretty tired.
i got new game i'm hooked onto. HAHA.
its called... TEXT TWIST. ((:

anw, i really think its time we move on,
and stop being bogged down by all the small, trivalities of life. -.-
come on la, none of us are growing younger.
all of us are growing older.
but the question is... are all of us growing UP?

in HIS love.
CHARI ** ((:
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Monday, April 27, 2009

i had very little sleep last night.
and was extremely tired.
was abit troubled by some stuff earlier on.

then before i left church, i was invited to a family dinner.
or rather, i didnt really know it was gonna be a family dinner.
and i decided i wud wanna go.
tho i was like really not in the mood for a party.
but i'm really glad i did.
coz it made someone's day!

and tho the stuff joked about and talked abt were crude in some ways,
i must say, i laughed alot.
and it was really funny.
and i think jacky is quite handsome actually!
defined features. ((:

mahjong on labour day?
really must see how.
and my tiles are rather old.
hope u guys wont mind. ://

i'm SUPER UBER exhausted right now.
but my hair isnt really dry yet.
so i'm gonna play bejeweled! HEHE.

thanks for everything!
thanks for cheering me up and listening to me and giving me advice!

i pray you'll continue to GROW in the LORD ya? ((:

in HIS love.
CHARI ** ((:
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Sunday, April 26, 2009
i'm an ADDICT.

i loveeee to SHOPPP!!!! HAHAHA.
i really love it to bits and pieces!
dang, should have gotten that tee-shirt!
i knew i had to have it.
now i feel there's smth missing in my wardrobe.

i'm addicted.

i'm addicted to many many things!!!
#1. POOL!
#3. SHOPPINGGG (includes trying clothes, window, and PURCHASING THEM!)
#10. GOINGGG OUT WITH YOUUU!!!! (((((((((:


alrightys, i love baking. esp with the ppl i love! HAHA.
they're so fun! baking is so fun with my best friend and mummY! LOL.
i'm gonna bring them to church to let my cell ppl try tmr! HEHE. :p

i managed to get a top and a pair of jeans today! HEH.
finally! my grey jeans is coming in 3-5days time! HEHE.
i spent $82.60 at giordano!!!
but my darling best friend offered to pay half! WOOTS!!
lol. duhh. you're my BEST friend! right? LOL.

next wk is shopping again with my best friend again!!! LOL.
ZARA, FOREVER 21, COTTON ON, BOSSINI, where else do u wanna go my dear?
LOL. macham i strike lottery gt alot of money eh?
its jus my craving for nicer tops coming iN! and shorts!!!

the weather has been REALLY AWFULLY HOT!!! piang eh, cannot stand it ah.
today i showered twice lehh!!! bahh!!
but i feel super clean! ((:

anw, i gtg.
need to beat someone's high score in BEJEWELED!

in HIS love.
CHARI ** ((:
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